Global Giants to Present at Welsh Engineering Event

Industry experts, global companies as well as individuals representing local manufacturing and engineering businesses will be attending the UK’s largest regional Industrial Control and Automation Exhibition taking place next month at the head office of the IAC Group in Newport.

Keynote presentations and technical seminars will be hosted by market leading international organisations including Siemens and ABB.

The impact of industrial digitalisation on the UK’s manufacturing sector will be one of the main topics being discussed.

Sometimes referred to as the 4th Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0, industrial digitalisation is the term used for the deployment of advanced digital technologies by manufacturing/engineering companies.

The findings of the Industrial Digitalisation Review which was set up by the UK government and chaired by Siemens UK CEO Professor Juergen Maier has suggested that the successful adoption of industrial digitalisation could benefit the UK manufacturing industry by £455bn over the next decade and create 175,000 highly skilled, better paid jobs. However, the Government and industry will need to develop a combined strategy to achieve this.

Peter Lewis, managing director of the IAC Group says that the impact of industrial digitalisation will have a significant impact on manufacturing and engineering firms based in Wales and the South West. He said, “We work on engineering projects here in the UK and across the globe. The uptake of automation in other countries has made it even more important for UK based companies to embrace the new technologies. Smaller businesses especially industrial companies need to be educated about how digitalisation can help their business and understand what they can do. The faster adoption of industrial digital technologies (IDT) can become a key driver of improved productivity, global competitiveness and increased exports. A recent study identified that by fully applying these technologies over the next decade, UK industrial production would be up to 30% faster and 25% more efficient.”

“We are looking forward to hosting the event in May. It is free to attend, and we are extending the invite to manufacturing and engineering businesses based here in Wales and the South West of England, so they can attend and not just learn more about industrial digitalisation and ask related questions to companies who contributed to the Industrial Digitalisation Review.”

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