Skip hoist drive and control system

Port Talbot Works, VAI Industries. Wales, UK

the project

Blast Furnace No.5 Skip Winch. The Skip Hoist Electrical Drive and Control equipment associated with the rebuild of No.5 Blast Furnace at Tata Port Talbot works.

the solution

The electrical control equipment supplied by IAC was contained within an integral, back-to-back DC Drive Suite. Two (2) ABB DCS600 Drives were configured to execute three (3) operating modes. These allowed Single Drive - Single Motor, Dual Drive - Dual Motor and Single Drive – Dual Motor operation. This enabled maximum efficiency and increased productivity.

A PLC System was supplied with skip winch drive control. The system used an ABB Advant AC450 dual processor PLC along with dual redundant S800 I/O. The PLC was connected to the furnace masterbus network where the SCADA and its interface were configured. The DCS drives communicated to the PLC using the Advant Fieldbus 100 network. Engineering stations were connected to the PLC and drives for configuration and monitoring of both systems. Most Reliable Skip Winch Drive installed at CSP.


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