Delta House

The industrial focus of IAC is spread across almost every industry. IAC have successfully installed systems in Metals, Paper, Materials Handling, Chemicals, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Aggregates, Converting, Plastics, Aeronautical, Automotive, Munitions and Food and Beverage. Regular customers include Tata, Metso Minerals, Eastman, Amazon, AB In Bev, Dupont, Siemens Metal Technologies, Evoqua, Cumberland……

The company has a clearly stated goal “To maintain long term employment for our workforce”. We will strive to enable our employees to line up their own personal goals with those of the company. We will use new technology wherever possible to help our drive for efficiency.


Our proven track record demonstrates our ability to meet the most stringent requirements in terms of design integration and quality. Our project management expertise ensures that we continue to complete projects on time, to the agreed specification, cost effectively.

We will maintain an experienced qualified workforce, complete with our extensive manufacturing facility. Close partnerships with leading component suppliers will enable us to maintain an edge in this highly competitive industry.

Quality, reliability and attention to detail is the foundation of our reputation built up over many years and we will maintain an overriding commitment to building long term customer relationships.


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