Tata Steel

Port Talbot Works. Wales, UK

the project

To establish a replacement control system for a large fume extraction fan which was originally driven at a fixed speed.

the solution

This project is saving up to £11,000 per week in electrical energy costs alone, with an estimated pay back time of 12 months.

1.8MW 690Volt AC Variable Speed Drive which replaced a 11kV Direct On Line Starter for a Dust Extraction Fan.

IAC supplied a turnkey solution including removal of old equipment, complete site installation including a new Motor Bedplate, HV Breaker Modifications, ABB Cast Resin Transformer, Bespoke ABB ACS800 AC Drive Cubicle, Siemens 690V AC Motor and a new GRP Enclosure for the Transformer & Drive Cubicles.

IAC commissioned the System including modifications to the existing Rockwell ControLogix PLC and Intouch SCADA. The control modifications included automatic Dust Extraction management to reduce Energy consumption.


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