Profibus Installation & Diagnostics

We deliver courses in Profibus diagnostics, as well as installation and design. These are delivered in a very practical, hands on manner, giving the student direct experience of an existing system.
The course can be delivered both at our facility, or at the customer’s premises, allowing the tutor to tailor the learning experience to the specific systems that the trainee will be required to interact with.

The Profibus installation and diagnostics course is professionally delivered by tutors with many years of experience installing and maintaining profibus networks and is perfect for all levels of experience from beginners just learning the ropes to experts who just need to brush up on their skills.
In the course the student will learn Technical information on profibus and how to:

  • install a new network
  • program for a network
  • maintain and maintain an existing network

If done in our facility this is done on a set of custom build networks allowing the learner to gain hands on experience of the network as they learn about it.

For industrial customers our tutors can travel out to the factory and tailor the course to the devices that compose your network.


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